We are your one-stop supplier for all types of Printing, Labels,
Promotional Products, Corporate Apparel and Uniforms

Our mission is to make you a satisfied repeat client!

Our Company

We design, produce, distribute and manage all types of printing, labels and promotional logo products. Our broad product line, combined with our advanced software system, allows us to guarantee that our clients save both time and money.

Our Promise

We will earn your trust, and we’ll always work very hard to keep it.

Our Value Proposition

When you become one of our valued clients, we guarantee you will save both time and money through our system of single-source responsibility, consolidated price reductions, streamlined supplies management, reduced procurement costs, and superior customer service.

Why You’ll Enjoy Working With Us

We treat you like an important client - even on your smallest orders - because we understand the value of our long-term relationship.

How We Do It

Think of all the different printed items your company purchases throughout the year. Add in your promotional logo products and corporate apparel. Combined, many companies spend over 1% of total sales revenue on designing, purchasing and managing these products. That’s serious money, even for smaller companies.

Volume Rebate Agreement

Set a target goal for how much business we’ll do together over the next year. If we hit your goal, we’ll give you a cash back rebate on everything you purchased for the entire year.

Guaranteed Cost Reduction Program

Let us analyze your usage of printing, labels and logo products. In return, we’ll guarantee you a 2% to 10% savings off what you paid for these products last year.