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Form-Label Combinations

Form-Label Combinations

Form-Label Combinations are advanced documents that combine the functions of both business forms and adhesive labels. They are printed in one pass through a printer, thus eliminating duplicate work and matching errors. We design, produce and manage all different kinds of form-label combinations, and we can help you implement a solution that solves problems and saves work.

Traditional Form-Label Combinations

Direct Mail Printing

Traditional Form-Label Combinations are a laser or continuous business form on one side of the sheet, and an adhesive label (or a series of labels) on the other side. We join the two different materials with an ultra-thin glue line, so the documents don’t jam in your printer. This is very common for applications where a specialty label is required, and matching errors must be avoided:

We make Form-Card Combinations in the same way, when a card or series of cards are needed in conjunction with a business form.

Integrated Form-Label

Integrated Form-Labels

Integrated form-labels are created by applying a liner patch and adhesive directly to the back of a laser or continuous business form. Then the label is die-cut out of the face of the form. This gives you a completely flat surface to print on, and we guarantee it will run jam-free through your printers. You also save money because we’re reducing the number of different materials used, and the labels are created right out of the business form paper. It's a great way to do:

Integrated Cards

Integrated Cards

Integrated Cards are produced in the same way. We die-cut a business card or membership card from the face of the form, so it can be removed and used separately. We use a clean-release liner, so there is absolutely no adhesive left on the card after it’s removed from the sheet.

Affixed Labels are separate labels attached to the face of a laser or continuous business form. This allows you to place them anywhere on the form, and also lets you use a wider variety of different label materials. Examples include:

Direct Mail Printing

Affixed Cards

Affixed Cards are produced in the same way. First we manufacture any type of card that’s required; paper, card stock, plastic, or magnetic. Then we attach the card to the face of the form, so that it can be printed along with the form and removed later. This is normally how you receive membership ID cards and insurance cards, but you can use this type of product for many different applications.

Let us show you how to combine documents, streamline your operations, save time and eliminate problems.

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